An Experts Take On Modular Kitchens.

Why should one opt for a fully modular kitchen?

In a fully modular kitchen, the carcass and the cabinets are fixed first and then a granite platform or a solid surface platform is laid over it. This ensures perfect movement of drawers and fittings unlike non-modular / civil kitchens where one can never get proper alignments. The legs and skirting ensures proper leveling and make surfaces easy to clean. Another distinct advantage of choosing a fully modular kitchen is that one can easily integrate appliances without compromising on aesthetics.

What are the current trends in modular kitchen design?

An open kitchen with an island or breakfast table is the most in thing in modular kitchens. Free flowing & inorganic shapes are also gaining acceptance especially when kitchens are also catching-up big time.

What about kitchen shutters? Can you throw light on the latest trends?

High gloss Acrylic / Polymer finished kitchen shutters are more preferred by discerning designers and customers of today as they are easy to maintain. Lacquered glass on aluminum frame for wall cabinets is one more widely accepted trend in premium kitchens.

Which fittings & accessories would you recommend for a premium kitchen?

Soft close drawer with glass sides, pullouts, twin drawers for corner cabinets are highly recommended for any premium kitchen. All German brands are equally reliable. Pick the one that appeals to you the most.

What are the advantages of buying a branded kitchen like Spacewood?

Spacewood Kitchen are technologically superior as they are factory finished and fully assembled on the lines of German Kitchens. They come with premium shutters that are finished with a special membrane press technology. They are designed by qualified designers with international exposure. Additionally, Spacewood kitchens come with superior German accessories and fittings, 100% waterproof plywood and 5 years warranty. Being India’s largest manufacturer, Spacewood Kitchens are competitively priced and designed to deliver nothing less than an unmatched European Kitchen experience.